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Choco Mint
Mint flavour ice cream mixed with milky chocolate pieces topped with chocolate piece topped with chocolate topped with chocolate chips.... More
£ 3.50
Vanilla & Caramel ice cream, with chocolate balls, toffee pieces & caramel sauce.
£ 3.95
Royal Pot
Toffee flavoured ice cream topped with delicious milk toffee pieces in an attractive pot.
£ 3.95
Pistachia Kulfi
Delicious Indian ice cream made from whole milk, nuts and fruits, pistachio kulfi.
£ 1.95
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate ice cream mousse, topped with chocolate & cream.
£ 3.50
Passion Bowl
Mango flavoured ice cream combined with passion fruit sauce, topped with pieces of papaya in a ceramic bowl.
£ 3.95
Egg Man
Strawberry and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, packed in a plastic cup with a funny surprise. Suitable for Children.
£ 2.75
Vanilla ice cream in a free plastic toy
£ 2.95
Contains Nuts

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