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Nan Bread (Plain)
Leavened bread, baked freshly in tandoor.
£ 1.95
Kulcha Nan
Nan bread stuffed with vegetable
£ 2.75
Garlic Nan
Puffy fresh Nan liberally laced with garlic.
£ 2.75
Keema Nan
Nan bread stuffed with spicy mincemeat
£ 2.75
Peshwari Nan
Stuffed with sultanas, coconuts and almond.
£ 2.75
Tikka Nan
Stuffed with chicken tikka and fresh chillies
£ 2.95
Cheese Nan
Nan bread stuffed with cheese
£ 2.95
Paratha (Plain)
Whole-wheat dough layered with pure ghee
£ 2.25
Vegetable Paratha
Stuffed with fresh vegetable
£ 2.95
Keema Paratha
Stuffed with mincemeat
£ 2.95
Tandoori Roti (Healthy)
Made of whole wheat flours in tandoor
£ 1.50
Chapati (Healthy)
Thin layer of bread
£ 1.50
Contains Nuts

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